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Tips to Boost Direct Marketing with Display Advertising

This article was written by Ted Dhanik

Display advertising can be a huge boon for a direct marketing campaign, but newbies can lose a lot of money trying to test ideas. There are some quick fixes you can apply to a campaign to scale it, but much of the specifics will depend on your offer. Apply these tips to boost an existing campaign, or to give traffic to a new one.

Optimize for Local

Localizing for display campaigns segments your traffic based on the user’s geographic location, and may also deal with the user’s search preferences. Look at the leads you already have and search for trends in location. Apply that data to your traffic segments in a different campaign and test the results. You should receive fewer clicks, but you might receive higher conversions.

Use Readable Text

The only thing worse than banner advertising with too much text is a banner that isn’t readable. Check that your font is clean and readable. Next, make sure that the colors of your font don’t mesh with your background colors, and that your image quality isn’t obscuring the font by pixellating them. The copy is no good if someone can’t read it.

Tips for Copy

Search advertising campaigns benefit from a set character limit, but banners must be more conservative in how they apply text to the campaign. You need to highlight the most important benefits up front, and you can use visuals to help contrast your text. For example, opposite colors can correspond with the “before and after” of your service. These visual cues allow for more possibilities in testing, so try to start with a banner design that converts decently.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a sales and direct marketing specialist with over fifteen years in the industry. Ted Dhanik is also the president and co-founder of engage:BDR. To learn more about display advertising, visit Ted Dhanik online.