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Types of free shipping offered by online stores

Written by Port Containers

Online stores often offer free shipping to their customers. This is an effective tactic to increase sales and to gain customer loyalty. If you have an online store, there are several types of free shipping that you might offer. You would have to adapt your shipping policy as per your business model and the type of product that you are offering.

Free Shipping Thoroughly

Some stores offer free shipping the whole year round on every items. This is viable mostly for shops selling small and lightweight products.

Free Shipping With a Minimum Spending Threshold

This would imply offering free shipping, provided that the customer has spent over a set amount on products on your site. The minimum threshold depends from shop to shop.

Free Shipping on Selected Items

During clearance sales, some online retailers might offer free shipping on selected items in order to sell more. Other retailers also offer free shipping on items on which they have a higher profit margin. It might be a product on which they have obtained a preferential price.

Free Shipping During Certain Times of the Year

It might be the tradition of the shop to hold sales, during say, every November or it might depend on specific holidays such as Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

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