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Van Vs. SUV

Written by Andy’s Rent-A-Car

Flights and hotels to Cayman Islands booked? Everyone in the family and friends already excited for the trip? With less than a week or two before your vacation, the next thing to do is look for a rental car for the whole group. If joining group tours from travel agencies does not appeal to you because of the crowded transportation and itinerary restrictions, then renting a car is your best option.

Van or SUV?

Renting a van or SUV for vacation is a great choice for group of friends or family trips. For travel to Cayman Islands, there are numerous companies like Andys Rent-A-Car that offer several van and SUV types for rent. SUVs are good for 5-7 persons while there are some vans that can accommodate up to 9 people. If your family would like to have more space, then choose a van. However if you’re looking for more rough road adventure, SUVs win the battle. These type of vehicles have bigger built and also has spacious interiors, but they’re designed more as a sports utility vehicle ideal for road trips and safari tours. There is just one disadvantage on SUV, these vehicles are usually priced higher than their counterparts.

For airport to hotel transfers, several Grand Cayman car rentals have spacious vans that can accommodate your family and all the luggage. If you’re looking for car rental Cayman Islands companies, there are several offices and booths in the airport. However it’s always best to book ahead online to avail discounts and hot deals. Often you can score larger discounts on bundled services of airport transfers and week-long rentals.

Andy’s Rent-A-Car offers the compact cars, SUV and vans for rental in Cayman Islands. Visit their website or their airport center for daily and weekly deals.