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Which are the Most Reliable Washer and Dryers?

Normally your washer and dryer will last for years but eventually it may break down forcing you to look for new ones. Since this is a big ticket purchase it’s important to buy the right thing. You want something that’s dependable and affordable. You may also need to get financing for your purchase. So how do we find the most reliable washers and dryers while getting a great deal on financing?

You can choose from great name brands and get washer and dryer financing. Below, we go over a few we really like.

Whirlpool-This company has been making appliances for many years and they really know their stuff. Be sure to note whether the dryer is gas or electric.

Maytag-This Maytag selection is a stackable washer/dryer. These are handy if space is limited. Offers many features such as Advanced Moisture Sensing monitors.

LG Front Loading Washer-You may like front load or top loading washers. This is a personal preference. LG does make both types. They’re dependable and long-lasting.

Beko Front Load Washer-This is a brand that many are not familiar with. They typically offer lower prices than name brands like Maytag.

Whirlpool Electric Dryer-Features wrinkle guard and is gentle for fabrics of all kinds.

The Curacao website offers some exceptional deals on new washers and dryers. The best part of purchasing there is that you can get approved for Curacao credit very quickly. The only thing left to decide is what brand and features you want.