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Why Dedicated Servers Could Be a Worthwhile Investment

Blog provided by Electric Kitten

Dedicated servers are known for being the most expensive web hosting options because of the high-quality resources they use to provide the best experience for clients. Unlike shared servers or other web hosting types, clients will have one server all to themselves. They won’t have to worry about sharing bandwidth, RAM, or storage with other clients.

Resource sharing can create unwanted performance issues for more complex websites. Uptime is key for all web hosting clients, and if shared servers aren’t meeting your performance needs, you’ll need something more powerful. Dedicated servers can alleviate many of your web hosting worries such as security issues, SEO, and being able to handle large amounts of web traffic.

Your website’s SEO can be negatively affected if your site experiences slow loading times. Search engine statistics show that the vast majority of people click away from web pages if they do not load quickly. This is why Google penalizes slow-loading sites by lowering their search engine rankings. SEO can also suffer when your site experiences performance issues and when you share a server with spam sites.

Many dedicated server providers allow robust customization and flexible software options that cater to clients’ specific needs. If you’d like to experience the difference in quality between dedicated and shared servers, be sure to contact Electric Kitten. They have provided reliable, affordable server hosting in Los Angeles for almost two decades. To learn more about their hosting services, be sure to contact them at or by phone at 877-821-HOST.