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Why they leave your ecommerce Website

Creating a Website that can be liked by all is impossible. But if you don’t make an attempt to keep as many visitors to your ecommerce Website as possible, you are going to miss bulk of your sales. There are common pitfalls that one needs to consider in designing and running an ecommerce Website. Here are few of my favorites.


  • Bombarding visitors with pop-up advertisements is a distraction. It is not only a distraction but also creates doubts in visitor’s mind. If you can’t avoid it, consider introducing them a bit later rather than early.
  • Similarly, many Websites introduce sounds, clips and others immediately after entering the site. This cause many visitors to leave the site immediately. Introduce them only as an option that visitors can chose may help to keep them.
  • Don’t let visitors walk through many pages of photos. If you have them, include them in one page that visitors can select to view rather than clicking on many pages.
  • Slow loading Websites are an issue for many. If a site doesn’t load immediately after a click and takes longer time to load, visitors will go to another option listed on the page. Make sure that your site respond immediately and load on to a screen.