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Why You Need to Decommission Your Server Room

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Running an internal server carries several concerns, but the largest one is that it may pose a significant security risk to your business. Here are three reasons why having an internal server room is a bad idea:

Less Secure

Less secure than you may imagine is an internal server room. In reality, if your company’s servers are housed internally, it can be rather simple for hackers to access them. This is due to the fact that hackers can compromise your network security in a number of ways and might be able to do it undetected.

All of these devices—end-user computers, mobile devices, and wi-fi hotspots—can be used to access your network and then your servers.

Fire Hazard

Additionally, an inside server room may present a fire risk. The entire structure could soon catch fire if servers overheated or caught fire. Mitigation measures include fire suppression systems, ongoing surveillance, and other measures, although these are costly, need upkeep, and are also prone to malfunction.

Hiring a server farm such as Electric Kitten can help maintain your servers in a safe environment that will not cause a hazard in your business offices.


It might be highly expensive to have a server room on the premises. In addition to hiring IT personnel to administer and maintain the servers, you will also need to buy or rent the required hardware. This does not include the price of making sure you have backup solutions for all the essential components of your IT infrastructure requirements.

You may save money and guarantee that your data is far safer by contracting out your company’s IT requirements to a third-party provider, such as  Electric Kitten that provides server hosting in Los Angeles.